Wells Counseling offers guidance to our clients through struggling times or difficult situations. With a variety of different services, we can provide help to individuals, couples and families. Through our biblical approach, we want to promote a Spirit-sensitive counseling setting to pursue emotional, psychological, relational and spiritual health in those we serve. 

New Clients

If you have found an interest in Wells Counseling Services and would like to find out more information click the button below. To go directly to the portal, select the Secure Client Portal button. 

Current Clients

We offer a secure client portal for all of our clients to protect your privacy. Through this portal we hope to build and maintain your trust. 

We would love to hear from you! To schedule an appointment with Wells Counseling Services, choose one of the above buttons or feel free to call if you have questions. All forms are available to fill out through the portal, or we can email them or coordinate a time for you to pick them up. Our counselors are available to partner with you in the context of our office or on-site at your church, ministry, or organization. We can coordinate care with your church under your permission and guidelines.

Pricing, Insurance and Fees

Here at Wells Counseling Services, we keep rates comparable for our area and with the state average. Every client is responsible for full payment unless covered by our participating insurance panels. See our FAQs for more info and the cancellation policy.

 If you are willing to meet with an LPC-Associate under Supervision (this is someone who is finished with all their classwork and degree and is working toward state licensure) or with a Master’s Level Practicum Counselor (this is someone who is in training and under thorough supervision. They both have reduced fees.

Regarding insurance providers, David Wells is now on the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas PPO Panels. If that doesn’t apply to you, our practice provides documentation optimally configured for clients to submit to their insurance for a reimbursement of the fee. Just phone your insurance provider to ask about their out-of-network provider reimbursement policy. The fees may also require pre-certification of services so please call BCBS ahead of scheduling with WCS.  If you have not met your annual deductible, the contracted rates will be applied to the client’s responsibility, but these charges will be applied to your deductible.